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Are You Planning to Go for Open Adoption?

by Mercedes

An open adoption is one in which there is ongoing direct communication and interaction between the birth parents and the adoptive parents. 

The biological parents and adoptive parents usually agree on this degree of transparency. However, it might vary greatly. 

The degree of openness can range from occasional letters and photos exchanged through an adoption agency or intermediary to more frequent in-person visits and ongoing contact. 

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Consider looking into the possibility of open adoption if you are expecting a child and plan to place them for adoption. Think about whether you and your child are a good fit for an open adoption plan.

What are the benefits of open adoption? 

  • For the child

In an open adoption, the Child takes center stage, with every decision made in their best interest. 

Often, biological parents, due to certain reasons, which can be financial or health, may look for a loving parent for the adoption of their little Child. 

Their decision to go for adoption is in the best interest of their child despite their present limitations. 

In every manner, open adoption serves the best interest of the child as they will have the opportunity to meet and communicate with biological as well as adoptive parents. As a result, the child will never feel like a misplaced identity or an unwanted child. 

This arrangement gives birth parents the ability to be involved in their kids’ lives and provide love, emotional support, and assurance while the child sets off on their special path

  • For the biological mother

Open adoption provides birth mothers with a sense of comfort, reduced regret, and peace of mind. 

Research indicates that birth mothers in open adoptions experience less worry and better grief resolution compared to those in closed adoptions. 

By choosing open adoption, birth mothers gain the reassurance that their child will be safe, healthy, and loved by the adoptive couple they have carefully selected. 

The ongoing contact with adoptive parents allows them to witness their child thriving, bringing solace and a continued connection. 

In open adoption, birth parents have the authority to make choices, including who is present at the hospital during delivery and the opportunity to see, hold, and spend time with their baby before placement. 

This approach empowers a birth mother with rights and choices, granting her control over the decision to place her child with adoptive parents.

  • For the adopting parent

Open adoption offers adoptive parents’ valuable benefits, including access to critical medical information and family health history, which can be essential for their child’s well-being, especially in case of medical issues. 

Knowing the birth family and their wishes provides a sense of security, alleviating fear of potential attempts to reclaim the child. 

Adoptive parents can maintain a respectful and informed relationship with birth family members, enhancing their understanding of their child’s background and the reasons behind the adoption decision. 

This transparency fosters trust and a deeper connection, ultimately contributing to the child’s overall emotional and physical health and security within the adoptive family.

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